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NDPA Water Safety Resources

water safety resources

Welcome to our Water Safety Resources Center! A dedicated space where we endeavor to empower our readers with life-saving knowledge, insights, and practical resources on maintaining safety in and around water. Water is a source of joy and relaxation for many, but it can quickly become a place of danger without the proper safety measures. 

Given the critical importance of water safety, especially for children, we have curated a collection of invaluable resources, expert advice, and the latest research findings aimed at fostering a safer interaction with water environments. 

Whether you are a parent, educator, pediatrician, swim instructor, or water enthusiast, we want to provide the tools and information necessary to prevent water-related accidents and emergencies. 

Join us in our mission to stop drowning by making water safety a priority and equipping yourself and your loved ones with the knowledge to enjoy water responsibly and securely!

Water Safety At Home

Infant Water Safety

Water Safety for Adults

Open Water Safety

Water Safety for Kids

Water Safety Policy and Legislation

*The NDPA does not necessarily endorse the policies and legislations below. We work to share the latest information with stakeholders.

Water Safety Toolkits

Water Safety Career Paths

5 Layers of Protection

Water Safety for Every Season

Water Safety Checklists

Water Safety Champion

Water Safety in the US

Global Water Safety

NDPA Education & Gatherings