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Make Swimming & Water Competency The ‘First Sport’ Your Child Learns!

Swimming isn’t just a sport; it’s a critical survival skill and should be the #FirstSport you teach your child, especially given that drowning is the number one killer of toddlers in America. The tragedy of drowning can be prevented! Scroll down to…

  • Learn the 5 Layers of Protection to prevent drowning
  • Download Free Water Safety Resources
  • Share the ‘First Sport’ PSA on social media with every mom, dad and caregiver you know!

Learn The 5 Layers of Protection to Prevent Drowning

Barriers & Alarms

It's important to use four-sided fencing with self-closing, self-latching gates, pool safety covers, and alarm systems to help prevent children and unauthorized adults from accessing water unsupervised.Learn More


Stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings with close, constant, and capable adult supervision from a designated water watcher or lifeguard anytime children are in or around water.Learn More

Water Competency
Water Competency

Every child and adult should be equipped with the skills to protect themselves in water by learning and enhancing their basic water safety skills to reduce the risk of drowning and aquatic-related injuries.Learn More

Life Jackets
Life Jackets

When used appropriately, life jackets protect you when you are not expecting to be in the water, especially around open water. Ensure your life jackets are tested & approved by the USCG.Learn More

Emergency Preparation
Emergency Preparation

Knowing how to prepare for an emergency with CPR training with rescue breaths, and basic water rescue skills can make the difference between life and death. Have a phone available and ready to call 911.Learn More

Free Resources For Parents

Swim Program Checklist

Water Watcher Info Cards

Caregiver Checklist

5 Layers Infosheet

Vacation Checklist

Vacation Rental Checklist

In The Home Checklist

Pool Safety Checklist

Beach Day Checklist

Boating Checklist

Take Action To Prevent Drowning!

Take Action To Prevent Drowning!

Share The 'First Sport' Video With Every Mom, Dad & Caregiver You Know

There is a level of excitement and pride that comes with watching a child score the winning goal or hit a home run. But the #FirstSport every parent and caregiver should teach their child is swimming and water competency.

Drowning is the number one killer of toddlers in America, which means water competency is more than just a sport; it’s a vital survival skill.

The #FirstSport campaign serves as a wake-up call for many. You can make a difference simply by sharing this video! Together, we can save lives and prevent the tragedy of drowning!

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