The 2024 Water Safety Season Toolkit Is Now Live

Pediatrician Water Safety Toolkit

Pediatrician Water Safety Toolkit

How To Educate Water Safety This Summer

Learn and Share the 5 Layers of Protection!

Water safety is a lifelong endeavor, and it only takes a few moments to learn.

You can now download the English and Spanish versions.

Participate In the 'First Sport' Campaign Starting May 1st To Prevent Drowning!

Take Action To Prevent Drowning!

Take Action!

Share The 'First Sport' Video With Every Mom, Dad & Caregiver You Know

There is a level of excitement and pride that comes with watching a child score the winning goal or hit a home run. But the #FirstSport every parent and caregiver should teach their child is swimming and water competency.

Drowning is the number one killer of toddlers in America, which means water competency is more than just a sport; it’s a vital survival skill.

The #FirstSport campaign serves as a wake-up call for many. You can make a difference simply by sharing this video! Together, we can save lives and prevent the tragedy of drowning!

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‘First Sport’ PSA Videos For Download

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#FirstSport - Football

#FirstSport – Football

#FirstSport - Yoga

#FirstSport – Yoga

#FirstSport - Soccer

#FirstSport – Soccer

The Pediatrician Water Safety Toolkit

The Pediatrician Water Safety Toolkit is a collection of water safety resources, educational materials, and parent tools to assist pediatricians in promoting water safety and drowning prevention to parents and consultations.

Download the complete Pediatrician Water Safety Toolkit by clicking here!

On Hold Water Safety Message

Enhance patient care in your pediatric office with our on-hold water safety message. Download now and educate parents on crucial safety measures while they wait!


All of the Water Safety Season printable posters, checklists, and cards are in PDF format, making them easy to download directly onto your computer. Share these printable pieces in local spaces in your community to get the word out about water safety and drowning prevention this summer!

Swim Program Checklist

Vacation Water Safety Checklists

Pool Safety Checklist

Camping Checklist

Caregiver Checklist

In The Home Checklist

Vacation Rental Checklist

Beach Day Checklist

Boating Checklist

Water Safety for Ages 1-4

Water Safety for Ages 5-14

Water Safety for Teenagers

Swim Program Chart

Rubber Ducky Poster

Emergency Room Poster

Gimmie Five Poster

Life Jackets Poster

Clothesline Poster

5 Layers of Protection

Layers of Protection Brochure

Water Watcher Card

Pool Safety Coloring Book


Use these sharable blogs to help encourage your community to learn about the 5 Layers of Protection, the latest drowning statistics, and how you can be a Water Safety Champion. These blogs contain everything you need to get started to raise more awareness of drowning prevention and the best water safety practices.

Display this on your clinic’s website and social media platforms, or distribute printed copies at community centers to raise awareness about Water Safety among families!”

Press & Media Toolkit

Download NDPA’s Press & Media Toolkit for a full description of what topics NDPA can provide input on for the news media.

For pediatricians unsure where to start, download the press release templates with focused water safety and drowning prevention discussions to prompt your community to take action.

Be Part of the Conversation

Join NDPA’s Water Safety Warriors Facebook group (over 1.5k group members) and follow @drownalliance on our social media!

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