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NDPA Social Media Policies

NDPA Social Media Policies

The NDPA Water Safety Warriors Private Group is a private chat/conversation/discussion forum for members of our community.

When discussing something as serious and emotional as the death of a child, mother, father, sister, brother, or friend, we are well aware that people feel very passionately about what they consider to be the best methods to apply in order to save lives.

As “the alliance”, we recognize the need our members, partners, followers and friends have for a place and space to feel empowered to communicate, express opinions and exchange ideas. NDPA Water Safety Warriors Group as created to fill such a need. Keeping in mind that all our members are striving toward the same goal, to prevent death due to a water related tragedy, we expect that the communication on our page will be conducted in a manner that is respectful, appropriate and kind.

Because we seriously assume our role as moderators to keep abuse away from our community and enforce our standards to maintain a place for safe debate and discussion, we have developed the following community standards and social media policies. We encourage everyone to read them so we can continue to host this critical exchange of ideas and information that ultimately lead to lives saved.

Failure to comply with them will result in your removal from the group without further notice.

Not reading them is NOT an excuse for breaking them.

1. Acknowledgment

By sending a request to become a member or by joining as a member of NDPA Water Safety Warriors, you acknowledge and agree to  follow our group rules, group policy and disclaimer. You also agree that the Admin team has the right to restrict admission, remove, or ban anyone from the group without any notification.

2. Posting

Please feel free to:

3. Promoting and Advertising

Self-promoting is prohibited. No posts selling/advertising/promoting personal businesses are allowed. Please refrain from sharing posts asking members to vote for your photo in a contest or directly donate to your fund.

The NDPA Water Safety Warriors Group is not a place to advertise. Our purpose is to educate, which is why we seek quality content that contains useful and relevant information for our members. If you want to place an ad for your product or service on one of our social media channels, please contact

If you are a member, sponsor or partner of the NDPA, depending on your agreement and sponsor/partner level, you may be eligible for some scheduled social media posts. If this is your case, please fill out the following form: to submit a request. We will review the information provided and if approved, add your post to our social media editorial calendar.

If you are in any doubt as to what you can and cannot share contact an admin via Inbox FIRST and please be patient. We will get back to every message. Starting your post with ‘admin please delete if not allowed’ is not an exclusion from the above rules.

4. Always be courteous and respectful.

No fighting, name calling or making anyone feel bullied or criticized in this group. This includes unnecessary negative comments on someone’s opinion, parenting choices or personal experience.

If you disagree in a debate going on in a post then politely share your opinion, then leave it at that and agree to disagree.

If you are causing/starting drama in the group or upsetting or abusing people you will be removed from the group and banned permanently for doing so. No exceptions!

5. Privacy Policy

As a member of this group please be aware that at times admin may capture images of your posts/comments or deleted posts or comments and store them for admin actions records.

These captured images or posts are not visible to anyone but the current admin of this group. By remaining a member of our group you are aware that this is a possibility and agree to this is a condition of interacting in our group.

These records will NEVER be published or shared with anyone else outside our current group admin.  We value and work hard to protect our members’ privacy.