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Thursday Pools Advocates for Drowning Prevention with Water Safety Features and Donation


NDPA recently received an incredible donation from Thursday Pools, an innovating fiberglass company from Fortville, IN, dedicated to bringing cutting-edge innovations to the pool world. We are so grateful that Thursday Pools has dedicated hours of hard work and advocacy to help NDPA’s mission to prevent the tragedies of drowning, resulting in a donation of $10,000!

In total, Thursday Pools and its dealers have donated $15,700!

Thursday Pools is one of the largest builders of fiberglass pools in the country, and we are beyond excited that they made such a commitment to aid our mission to prevent childhood drowning and aquatic injuries. 


About Thursday Pools

Forget about Friday! With Thursday Pools, a memorable weekend begins early,” is the tagline for this remarkable company. Their goal is to facilitate time with family and friends while ensuring everyone’s safety.

Thursday Pools designs and manufactures hand-crafted fiberglass pool shells with the highest standards and craftsmanship. With their commitment to high standards of fiberglass pools, we are honored that they chose to support our mission to prevent tragedy around water.

Life around water should delight families, and Thursday Pools goes above and beyond to captivate their customers while keeping them safe.

Thursday Pools makes artfully crafted, durable fiberglass pools and innovative products. They pride themselves on empowering their customers to make a lifetime of remarkable moments with family and friends. At NDPA strive for the same with our effort to keep families safe by implementing water safety using the 5 layers of protection.

Thursday Pools is reshaping the pool industry with classic designs, cascading multi-level pools, and their one-of-a-kind, walk-in beach entry feature. Some of the pools they manufacture feature water safety features.


Several pool options have multiple stairs and a safety ledge on each side. With more help and support from companies like Thursday Pools, NDPA can do more for drowning prevention and water safety in the United States. 

Thank You For Your Support, Thursday Pools!

Executive Director Dr. Adam Katchmarchi states, “This is simply incredible, and I’m beyond words. To see a company and its dealers support the importance of drowning prevention warms my heart.” 

Drowning is the single leading cause of death for children 1-4. 

With Thursday Pools’ donation, we are one step closer to changing the numbers and providing more education to pool owners.