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Download Your Residential Pool Rules Sign!

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If you’ve ever been to a public or private pool, you’ve likely seen pool rules sign posted
somewhere in the area. Pool rule signs serve an important purpose in ensuring the safety
and enjoyment of everyone who uses the pool, especially in a backyard setting.

They outline important rules and regulations that swimmers need to follow to prevent
accidents and injuries. Whether you’re a pool owner or just a regular swimmer,
understanding these rules is essential to having a fun and safe time in and around the pool.

Pool Rules

  1. No diving
  2. Use the 5 Layers of Protection
    • Barriers And Alarms
    • Supervision
    • Water Competency
    • Life Jackets
    • Emergency Preparation
  3. Lock all gates and remove ladders & pool toys
  4. Learn CPR With rescue breaths
  5. Have water rescue devices nearby

In case of an emergency, call 911, and don’t forget to add your home address to your pool

rules sign after printing.

Match Your Sign To Your Style!

Everyone’s style is different, especially with upcoming summer pool parties. Knowing this,
we created three different style options to match your party theme or home aesthetic!

  1. Farmhouse – if you’re inspired by rustic charm that is both cozy and stylish.
  2. Modern – if you’re inspired by clean geometry and a neutral palette.
  3. Beachy – if you’re inspired by tropical paradise and bold bright colors.

Recommended printing dimensions are 8.5 in x 11 in. Take it to your local printer to have it printed on aluminum or metal! Have fun with it, but be sure that the pool rules are visible from any place in and around the pool.

Water Safety is a Lifelong Endeavor

If you own or operate a pool, it’s imperative that you have a pool rules sign posted
somewhere that is easy to read and highly visible. Our pool rules signs are designed to keep
water safety accessible to everyone and establish that you take water safety precautions
seriously in your home.

Download and share with friends or others in your community!

We’d love to see your signs in action! Snap a picture of your pool rules sign and tag

us on our social media @drowningalliance.