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Water Safety Champion of the Month: Dr. Miriam Lynch


The journey to improving water safety and competency is a long one. But With passion and dedication compounded across the nation, we can lay a strong foundation for the generations to come. 

Dr. Miriam Lynch, whose work has transformed communities nationwide, embodies this spirit. Recognizing that water competency must start at a young age, Dr. Lynch has tirelessly bridged the gap between competitive swimming and essential learn-to-swim programs. Her efforts have not only saved lives but also opened doors for countless individuals in historically marginalized communities.

We are proud to announce our June 2024 Water Safety Champion of The Month, Dr. Miriam Lynch.


A Journey Rooted in Water Safety and Advocacy

Dr. Miriam Lynch’s relationship with water began early, shaping her life and career in profound ways. As a young child, her parents’ military background took her to Germany, where she not only became fluent in German but also discovered a passion for swimming. Having trained under Hall of Famer Jim Ellis. This early exposure to swimming laid a strong foundation for a distinguished career.

By the time she joined the Nation’s Capital Aquatic Club, Lynch had developed not just skill, but a deep understanding of the life-changing impact of water competency from a young age. Her prowess earned her a scholarship to Howard University, where she shattered six individual and three relay team records—the most in Howard’s history at that time. Her 1650 freestyle record stood for nearly 20 years until it was broken by a swimmer she coached herself.

However, Lynch’s journey took a poignant turn when a tragic incident at the Nation’s Capital Swim Club, where a four-year-old girl drowned, highlighted the urgent need for accessible swim lessons. This loss, along with earlier tragedies within her own family, ignited a lifelong mission to bridge the gap between competitive swimming and essential water safety education.


Diversity in Aquatics: Vision and Impact

Dr. Lynch’s passion led her to discover Diversity in Aquatics, where she quickly rose through the ranks to lead the organization. Under her guidance, Diversity in Aquatics has become a powerhouse, with over 2,500 members worldwide and impactful water safety messaging reaching over one million families. By forging partnerships with triathlon clubs, local parks and rec departments, and other key stakeholders, Lynch has worked tirelessly to meet the unique needs of diverse communities.

The organization’s mission under her leadership is twofold: to educate about water safety and to highlight the opportunities that come with healthy aquatics participation. Her vision ensures that marginalized communities are represented and have access to the resources they need to thrive in aquatic environments.

Commitment to Inclusion and Future Goals

Dr. Lynch continues to volunteer as a coach at Howard University, the only HBCU with a Division 1 swim team, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to the sport and its future leaders. She aims to expand programs at other HBCUs with the support of USA Swimming, addressing the historical and systemic disparities in swimming and water safety. 

Looking ahead, Dr. Lynch is focused on broadening Diversity in Aquatics’ reach through HBCUs, Hispanic serving institutions, and indigenous serving institutions. Her dedication to education and water safety drives her to foster critical thinking and challenge the status quo, paving the way for future generations.

Thank You For Making A Difference In Water Safety!

Dr. Lynch and Diversity in Aquatics invite everyone to join the movement. Participate in events, support fundraising efforts, or spread awareness about water safety. Together, we can create safer, more inclusive aquatic environments. For more information about the Water Safety Champion of The Month, Dr. Miriam Lynch and Diversity in Aquatics, visit diversityinaquatics.org

If you are making a difference in water safety and drowning prevention or know someone who is, we want to hear your story. 
Please take a moment to share the story on our website for a chance to be nationally recognized as a Water Safety Champion.

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