Join Us For The 2022 Drowning Prevention Symposium

Drowning is a preventable tragedy.  Every year, thousands of people die from drowning, and many more suffer from permanent disability as a result. The Drowning Prevention Symposium is an annual event hosted by the National Drowning Prevention Alliance that gathers experts to share the latest water safety data and research with the common goal of reducing the number of drowning incidents in the country.  

This year’s symposium will be held on October 13th & 14th at the 2022 World Aquatic Health Conference in Houston, TX.  Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from the leading experts in the field and network with other professionals working to prevent drownings at both events if attending in person. You can also register to participate in the symposium virtually from the comfort of your home or office.

The Drowning Prevention Symposium is the perfect opportunity to learn about the latest water safety data and research. In an effort to prevent more drownings, we will be discussing critical water safety topics that include:

  • The newest water safety data and research, 
  • How to increase water safety advocacy in communities, counties, and states
  • How the commercial crisis affects our work in water safety. 
  • Advocating for legislation & adoption of standards and codes,
  • Update on the US National Water Safety Action Plan development.

With these discussions, it is hoped that more people will be equipped to prevent drownings. 

This symposium provides an essential platform for sharing life-saving information about water safety. It is a crucial step in ensuring that more people are aware of the dangers of drowning and how to prevent it.

This is a critical event for all members of the aquatics community and water safety advocates that should not be missed. 

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