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Water Safety Champions of The Month: Tyna and Tyler Davis

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Water safety is a crucial life skill, yet many families struggle with access to swimming lessons due to financial constraints. This lack of access can have serious consequences, as drowning remains one of the leading causes of death among children globally. Tyna and Tyler Davis, aged 17, are not just twins; they are pioneers driving a significant change in their community. 

Fueled by their passion for water safety and a sense of duty towards better outcomes, they founded WE SWIM, a non-profit organization aimed at promoting water safety among black and brown children. By providing free swimming lessons, they’re not just teaching a skill but potentially saving lives.

We are proud to announce our January 2024 Water Safety Champions of The Month, Tyna and Tyler Davis.

The Davis Twins’ Inspiring Journey

Tyna and Tyler Davis have been in the water since they were babies. As members of their local swim team, they have a strong background in the water and understand the importance of water safety firsthand. These life experiences fueled their passion for promoting water safety and led them to create WE SWIM.

With their love for swimming and their desire to make a difference in their community, the Davis twins have been able to create an ever-growing network of individuals who are as passionate about water safety as they are.

Through their efforts and the success of WE SWIM, Tyna and Tyler are creating a huge influence and inspiring other communities to follow suit. They’ve proven that with passion and determination, anyone can make a meaningful impact in their community. 

In addition to offering free classes, WE SWIM has also partnered with local organizations and businesses to provide essential resources such as swim caps, goggles, towels, and mesh bags to the children participating in their program. The twins have also been able to secure pool time and instructors through partnerships with the Montclair YMCA and the Board of Education, showcasing their ability to rally support from different sectors for a common cause.


The Impactful Water Safety Initiative

While WE SWIM began as a local initiative, it has now expanded its reach beyond the Davis twins’ hometown of Montclair, New Jersey. One of the many heartwarming stories that have emerged from WE SWIM is that of Wendy Quashie and her daughter Naylah. After tragically losing a family member to drowning, Wendy was determined to ensure that her daughter learned how to swim and break the cycle of fear surrounding water. Thanks to WE SWIM, Naylah not only learned how to swim but has also become a vocal advocate for water safety in her community.


Creating a Ripple Effect

Tyna and Tyler’s impact has been felt not only in their city but also beyond. They’ve recently launched a GoFundMe campaign to expand WE SWIM’s reach and continue providing free swimming lessons to children who cannot afford them. The power of their movement lies in its inclusivity and collaboration as they work towards creating a safer and more equitable world for all.

The Davis twins’ dedication to promoting water safety through WE SWIM is an inspiring show us how a simple idea can grow into a powerful movement. As our Water Safety Champions of the Month: Tyna and Tyler Davis continue to push for change, they serve as a reminder that anyone can spark an impactful movement by taking action on a cause they are passionate about.

To support WE SWIM and help make a difference, visit their GoFundMe page. Together, we can help Tyna and Tyler’s vision of water safety for all become a reality. 

Thank You For Making A Difference In Water Safety!

If you are making a difference in water safety and drowning prevention or know someone who is, we want to hear your story.

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