William Ramos, Ph. D.

Indiana University School of Public Health - Bloomington

Associate Professor

Residing within the Indiana University School of Public Health –Bloomington as an Associate Professor, Dr. Ramos’ research is focused on examining the impact of both built and natural aquatic environments on the human experience. In addition, he also engages in the legal aspects of aquatics in the role of expert consultant. His educational preparation includes a Ph.D. in Leisure Behavior with a minor in Law from Indiana University. Behind his research is over 30 years of practitioner experience in the field of aquatic management stretching from conventional pools and waterfronts to today’s modern waterparks. His insider exposure to the field of aquatic management has provided the impetus for research questions surrounding issues such as drowning prevention, water safety education, physical activity, and recreational water illnesses. Work on drowning prevention has connected him with projects throughout the United States, as well as several countries within Africa, Vietnam, and most recently Mexico.