Mick Nelson

Total Aquatic Programming LLC

Co-Founder & Co-Owner

Mick & Sue formed their own swim club and built their first indoor facility in Danville Illinois in 1973. In 1974 formed Nelson’s Swim Supply a retail and wholesale pool/spa and aquatic equipment business. In 1982 formed NSS Inc which offered aquatic facility design, building, and business consultation to the aquatic industry. In 1994 formed WaterWay Therapy Inc. a Medicare approved outpatient Aquatic Physical Therapy center. In 2002 they formed Poolside Health & Wellness Center which became the home for the Turtles USA Swim Club, WaterWay Therapy, and Swim America learn-to-swim program and a full service land and water community health and wellness center. Specialty is aquatic programming and safety, business development, water treatment, aquatic facility design, and tracking USA drownings. In 2004 joined USA Swimming and formed the Facilities Development Department, specializing in building and programming pools. He has presented at over 90 major national and international aquatic conferences and conventions and conducted over 80 Build and Program a Pool Conferences/workshops. He serves on multiple national and international committees and have been involved in design and programming of 210+ new facilities, all sizes all types. In 2020 Mick retired from USA Swimming and formed Total Aquatic Programming LLC.