Kelli Toth


Kelli, an impassioned advocate for maritime safety, hails from the picturesque landscapes of Alaska. With a decade-long tenure at the Alaska Office of Boating Safety, she has become a leading force in educating diverse communities, from the northernmost shores to the southern expanses of the state. Kelli’s dedication extends beyond her role, having deployed with the US Coast Guard on multiple cutters for Operation Arctic Shield.

A graduate of the University of Alaska Anchorage with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and a minor in psychology, Kelli blends strategic acumen with a profound understanding of human behavior. Her academic journey includes in-depth studies in public health and cold water survival under the guidance of Dr. Michael Tipton. Recognized as the National Boating Safety Educator of the Year and recipient of prestigious awards, Kelli actively contributes to boating safety panels and committees. She is a seasoned professional, committed to enhancing safety and making a lasting impact in the maritime realm.