Joe Stefanyak

Ellis & Associates

Senior Director

Joe Stefanyak is the Senior Director for Ellis & Associates. Joe’s current works closely with E&A’s more than 850 municipality, corporate and private waterpark, and water resort clients throughout the US and in more than 30 countries abroad. He began his career running waterparks/theme parks in Pittsburgh, PA and is now a well-respected leader in the Aquatics industry. He has contributed to several textbooks published by Ellis & Associates, and has provided articles for a variety of industry publications and conducted many webinars on a wide range of topics. Joe is also an active participant in IAAPA, WWA, AIMS, NAARSO, AOAP, PAPA and various state and regional committees, and is a participating member of ASTM. Joe was a part of the original MAHC Operator Training Technical Committee and CMAHC Annex Review Committee, and is currently a member of both the CMAHC Technical Review Committee and the CMAHC Education Committee. Joe has been recognized as the 2014 World Waterpark Association’s – Kelly Ogle Memorial Safety Award Recipient; “Awarded to an individual or organization for significant contributions to guest and employee safety in the water attractions industry”; the E&A Legacy of Service Award in 2016 ; the 2020 – POWER 10 by Aquatics International Magazine as some one “who has had, or will have, an incalculable impact on the direction of this industry”; and most recently, the 2022 World Waterpark Association’s – Al Turner Memorial Safety Award Recipient; “Awarded to individuals or organization that have, through their consistent business and professional excellence, provided leadership and/or fostered a sense of community in the World Waterpark Association membership”. Joe has been married to his wife Robyn for 29 years and has 26 year old twins Becky and Joey.