Jesus Alderete, CPSTI, BSN

Children's Medical Center

Injury Prevention Program Manager

Over 16 years of experience in the injury prevention world have led two successful coalitions dedicated to preventing unintentional traumatic injury to kids including a water safety program (Know Before You Go). During this time, I have design and implemented many community programs to reduce pediatric drowning in the Dallas and surrounding areas. With the data collected from our two hospital campuses I have been able to strategically collaborate with other community programs to provide education to parents and caregivers about the importance of learning about the importance of water safety. The coalition include over 20 members from different organizations that align with our goals. Members include swim schools, public schools and none profit organizations to name a few. Over the past 10 years, over 3500 life jackets have been donated to needed communities and educated over 15000 parents, kids and caregivers.