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may, 2022

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Event Details

Josh the Otter - Be Safe Around Water

Hello Otter Spotters!

Thank you all so much for being a part of the 12th Annual International Otter Spotter Day to promote May as National Water Safety Month!

Enclosed you will find all the materials you NEED for Monday, May 9th Otter Spotter Day!

We are hoping to get a huge, collective interest in order to grab more media attention about National Water Safety Month. Cities around the country and worldwide have volunteers participating

this year! It will be the BIGGEST OTTER SPOTTER DAY YET!

Tips from our Tech Person for Posting Your Otter Spotter Pics on May 9th!

  1. Check in from the City it’s posted using the pin icon.
  2. Make sure the post isn’t too long…Fits on a mobile phone screen
  3. Use 2-4 hashtags….#joshtheotter or #otterspotterday, #watersafety, and popular local TV or Radiostations that are active on FB and Twitter.
  5. Ask at the beginning or end of the post to “PLEASE TAG & SHARE WITH OTHERS AS IT CAN SAVELIVES”
  6. Capitalize Each Word in Post
  7. Short videos are GREAT! Facebook Live Videos, too!
  8. Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, LinkedIn, Tik-Tok etc., are great ways to spread Otter Spotter Daypics, also.

In your packets you will have Otter Spotter Swag including: – T-shirts for the volunteers

– Josh the Otter stickers, Josh story book, coloring activities sheets, fliers, etc. – Josh the Otter Hand Fans for all of your fun pictures and selfies!

This is meant to be informative and fun. If you are a part of another organization use this opportunity to promote other events you may have coming up in the future.

If you have a mascot suit or hand fans, please take “Josh” out with you and get as many pictures or videos as you can!

PLEASE also send a few of your favorite pictures to us in HIGH RESOLUTION so we can use them on our website and brochures! Encourage bystanders to get pictures with Josh the Otter or your Josh the Otter hand fans. Get pictures in front of notable landmarks in your city. PLEASE KEEP ALL PICTURES CLEAN AND RESPECTFUL.

Again thank you so much for your participation. Please call any time before, during, or after the event with any questions. Also, if you haven’t already, ‘Like Josh the Otter’ on Facebook ( and to keep up with the most current pics/videos of the day!

Please send any questions to:


NEW and EXCITING additions to Otter Spotter Day including:

– “Thank You Josh the Otter!” Video Contest- We will be kicking off a Short Video Clip Contest with our Otter Spotters and supporters to share 5-10 second home videos of little children and Big Kids (Us Adults) thanking Josh the Otter! We will have a contest for the best Thank You Videos, etc. Super easy and super impactful!

– We will ALSO be encouraging our Otter Spotters to implement fun videos highlighting our Otter Spotters talent and creativity in their full Josh the Otter swag! As you know we always ask for 1,000’s of pictures from our Otter Spotters, (hopefully many high resolution pics for promotional pieces), we want to amp it up with video contests. Feel free to include your pets, singing, dancing, flash mob, poetry, clapping, you name it! We want to see you in action as International Otter Spotters! On the water or dry land, let’s pack National and International Water Safety Month with high-energy clips and pictures!


-Before Monday, May 9th, 2022 “Otter Spotter Day” you will receive your FREE Otter Spotter Day packet filled with Josh the Otter materials. You won’t need to send anything back from the package, it is yours to keep.

-All we ask is that once you get the materials, (before Otter Spotter Day), take the Josh the Otter Hand Fans or your mascot suits all around your community’s favorite locations/sites and take LOTS OF PICTURES. Send your pictures or videos to as soon as you take them!

-On May 9, 2022, you are free to do whatever you would like with the posters, stickers, and other materials we send, (i.e. hand them out in your neighborhoods, schools, parks, businesses, churches, whatever area you’d like). In years past, students, volunteers, and educators brought Otter Spotter Day to their schools and classrooms! It will only take an hour

or so of your time. PLEASE CONTINUE TO SEND US MORE PICTURES! Then you just need to start posting your pictures and videos to our Josh the Otter Facebook page at and Twitter @joshsfoundation.

-LOCAL TV NEWS STATIONS have LOVED getting involved and reporting about this International Otter Spotter Day! Please email PRESS RELEASES or call them prior to May 9th, 2022 to see if they will do a story!


Together We Can Save Lives!

Thank you all,
Blake & Kathy Collingsworth, & Team Josh JCMF Founder/Director


All Day (Monday)




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