Dewey Case

Model Aquatic Health Code

Technical Director

Dewey serves as the Technical Director for the Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code. His career started as a part time lifeguard, evolved into servicing pools, then began managing aquatic facilities while in college. He has served in various volunteer roles with the YMCA of the USA, the local and state chapters of the American Red Cross, on the Lifeguarding and Bather Supervision Technical Committee for the MAHC 1st Edition, and on the Technical Review Committee for the MAHC 3rd Edition, as well as managing various aquatics facilities over a 24-year span. He holds multiple Instructor Trainer certifications from the American Red Cross, as well as instructor credentials with the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance. Dewey is also an American Red Cross Lifeguarding Instructor Trainer & Water Safety Instructor Trainer, PHTA Certified Pool Operator Instructor.