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May 2023 Water Safety Champion of the Month: Liz Huber

When you become a parent, you quickly realize that your new goal in life is to make sure that your children’s lives are full of new experiences that lead them to discover their best selves. For Liz Huber, CAST Water Safety Foundation Founder & Director, her children’s experience with self-rescue lessons led her to pursue […]


April 2023 Water Safety Champion of the Month: Trish Miller

Often, some of our most painful stories become our greatest triumphs. Trish Miller, the founder of SwemKids, took a terrifying near-drowning experience and turned it into a life-changing program for children in communities of color.  As she got older and progressed in her career in public health, Trish determined that swim classes should be more […]

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The Latest Information on Water Safety and Drowning Prevention

For many, water is a source of joy and memory – bringing together even the unlikeliest of pairs. However, water is an element that deserves our respect and attention.  Drowning is a tragedy that can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, it is fast, silent, and often not what you would expect, so it’s essential to learn […]


February 2023 Water Safety Champion of the Month: Robin Taylor

The aquatics industry has impacted so many lives, and for the past 21 years at the Brigantine Aquatic Center, Robin Taylor has advocated water safety for hundreds of children in the Atlantic City Area.   We are thrilled to celebrate Robin Taylor as our Water Safety Champion of the Month this February! Robin’s Career Progression in […]

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Important Ice and Cold Water Safety Tips

Winter comes and goes with flurries of snow, ice, and cold water each year– three things nobody should ever take lightly. Whether you plan to be near the water or not, cold water can be dangerous, especially if you are unprepared.  Winter activities like ice skating, ice-fishing, and boating are fun, but to keep them […]