The 2024 Water Safety Season Toolkit Is Now Live

Aquatics Coalition

Aquatics Coalition

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Aquatics Coalition

The NDPA is a proud member of the Aquatics Coalition! Check out the Aquatics Coalition’s website for more information and resources!

The Aquatics Coalition is comprised of more than 20 water safety and competitive water sport organizations spanning from learn-to-swim programs, health and rehabilitation groups to competitive aquatics organizations. This diverse group joined together with one aim: to advocate for a return to purpose-driven instructional aquatics by developing tools to guide a safer return to water. The coalition is not advocating to open pools for unrestricted recreational use but rather solely for purposeful aquatics activity under the four tenets:

  1. Purposeful Aquatics: Purpose-driven, coached, aquatic activity—swim lessons, pool-based physical therapy, and competitive swimming—are essential to public safety and health. Therefore, it is vital that these activities be allowed to resume immediately with continued availability for local communities. Each of these aquatic activities can recommence in a way that minimizes the risk of COVID-19 transmission.
  2. Learn to Swim: Swim lessons are a critical resource given that drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for children under the age of four. Yet the closing of aquatic venues has abruptly halted learn-to-swim programs for months, denying children the opportunity to acquire this life-saving skill. People should be aware that swim lessons can be safely administered with proper protective equipment and protocols.
  3. Safer Facilities: According to the CDC, there is no evidence that COVID-19 can spread to people through chlorinated water. Aquatics facilities can allow purpose-driven swimming to take place by following strict safety protocols in and around the pool, maintaining proper water sanitation levels and air quality measures, performing frequent cleaning and sanitization, and conducting regular health checks of staff and participants.
  4. Community Health: Exercise done in water such as physical therapy, lap swimming, competitive swimming, water aerobics, and other aquatic instruction are essential for mental and physical health. Further, regular exercise can reduce risk factors for severe COVID-19. Facilitating a safer return to water can only elevate social and fitness well-being in our communities.

Commercial Aquatics Professionals and their facilities are in a unique position to advocate for water safety. With their experience in working with children and families in both educational and recreational settings, they can quickly deliver essential messages about water safety to populations of all ages and ability levels. 

We recognize the enormous work that goes into running and maintaining a commercial aquatic facility. It’s essential to make communicating critical water safety messages easy, which is why we launched the Water Safety Champion Program, which includes all the latest in drowning prevention information, free downloadable facility tools, and resources. 

What is a Water Safety Champion?

Despite our collective and tireless efforts, drowning is the single leading cause of death for children ages 1-4. While young children are at the highest risk, anyone can drown.  

To address the rise in drowning incidents, we have launched a Water Safety Champion Program providing the latest resources and education about the best water safety practices available to help prevent unintentional drowning and aquatic injuries. The water safety information covered in the 5 Layers of Protection resulted from years of research and collaboration with Alliance Partners and advisors.

Why Should Commercial Aquatics Professionals Become Water Safety Champions?

Although most drownings don’t happen at commercial aquatic facilities, they are still critical to bringing awareness to water safety in their communities and clients. Drownings can still happen anywhere in or near water, including pools, bathtubs, lakes, rivers – even buckets of water. 

By learning about the best water safety strategies through the Layers of Protection, and the Water Safety Champion program, commercial aquatics professionals can show patrons they care while playing a vital role in keeping their community safe in and around water. 

When Commercial Aquatics Professionals Become Water Safety Champions: 

After sign-up, commercial aquatics professionals will receive exclusive access to NDPA’s Commercial Aquatics Toolkit which includes: 

  • A personal Water Safety Champion Certificate showcasing their advocacy for water safety
  • A Water Safety Champion Facility Poster to display in their aquatic facility 
  • Various tools and resources like:
    • Awareness Posters
    • Printable Water Watcher Cards
    • GIFs & Stickers
    • The Layers of Protection Digital Brochure & Animated Video
    • Shareable Social Media Posts & Videos

By implementing the Layers of Protection and sharing their Water Safety Champion Status, commercial aquatics facilities can help protect the lives of children and work together to spread the word about drowning prevention and water safety to their patrons.  

While many commercial aquatic facilities face challenging times due to COVID-19, staffing shortages, and new regulations, we hope this program will support their continued efforts in drowning prevention and water safety! 

Commercial Aquatics Professionals, Become a Water Safety Champion Today!

The following is a petition available via requesting that pools are given permission to open and remain open: