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The National Drowning Prevention Alliance is pleased to announce a new program providing best practice guidelines for public pools; The NDPA Seal of Safer Pool Practices; to promote water safety and drowning prevention.

The Seal of Safer Pool Practices program provides best practice safety guidelines for aquatic facilities, following recommendations of experts in the prevention of and response to drowning accidents. The goal of the program help commercial pool operators create a safer experience for patrons at public pools including; hotels, motels, apartments, condominiums, homeowner associations, water parks, colleges and universities, and multi-family property owned pools.  The program is intended to help reduce the risks and liabilities associated with water-related incidents, as well as reducing resulting costs to public aquatic facilities.

Included in the Seal of Safer Pool Practices is a comprehensive checklist including seven key objectives and over 30 benchmarked guidelines based in national safety standards for public aquatic facilites. This one of a kind NDPA program encompasses a wide variety of aquatic safety issues in a comprehensive manner by using a wide variety of prescribed actions and methodology.  Following best practice guidelines is a win-win investment in safety for public aquatic facilities, and a precautionary step in helping to reduce the risks of water-related incidents which can result in costly lawsuits, reputation damage, and most importantly, the loss of human life.

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