Every year in the U.S., somewhere between 1,200 to 1,500 vehicles go off the road and into a body of water. These incidents account for 400-600 drowning deaths.  That’s why, when the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County  discovering that the third leading cause of drowning in their county was motor vehicle crashes into canals, they really got to work.

Last year they put out an excellent brochure on how to escape a sinking vehicle.  They’ve followed up this year with their Crash, Splash, and Escape Coloring and Activity Book.  Geared for kids, this resource will clearly help everyone in the car understand what they should do in the event of a sinking vehicle emergency.

Download the coloring book for your kids (or just for you).  It is written in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole as well!

Get the Book!


For a comprehensive look at vehicle submersion and self-rescue, view the article and videoclip, “Escape and Rescue from Submerged Vehicles” at the Lifesaving Resources’ website of NDPA Board Member Gerry Dworkin.