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NDPA Unveils New Logo

PHOENIX, AZ – This week in Phoenix, AZ, the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) held its 14th annual Educational Conference, the largest drowning prevention gathering in the country. On the opening day of the conference, the NDPA treated the audience to a surprise that had been secretly in the works for months.

During the 2015 Conference, the NDPA announced its new four-pillar restructuring plan – a way to give equal representation to the multifaceted approach to drowning prevention and the variety of organizations that compose the Alliance. Fresh off this restructuring, the NDPA elected four new board members.

With all of these internal changes happening inside the NDPA, the Alliance decided it was time to reflect those changes externally, as well. And so, we are back to the surprise mentioned earlier. On Tuesday afternoon, on stage before the bulk of the conference’s two-hundred fifty attendees were several banners covered by heavy drapes. Flanking these were the NDPA’s newly elected President and Vice President, Adam Katchmarchi and Eric Lupton, respectively. At Mr. Katchmarchi’s command, the months’ long secret was revealed. The banners were pulled away to unveil the new logo of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. In dramatic fashion, the unveiling triggered a domino throughout the conference, with everything from banners to name tags being swapped out simultaneously to the new logo.

The new mark is the first logo change in the non-profit’s fourteen year history. Featuring four brightly colored people linking arms around a wave of water, the new branding symbolizes the new emphasis on the NDPA being an alliance working together, as well as the new four pillar structure announced in 2015.

“The new logo has bold colors, bright symbolism, and an optimistic outlook – and that’s on purpose,” said Eric Lupton, NDPA’s Vice President Elect and Chair of the Rebranding Committee. “This fresh new look captures what everyone here is feeling: the NDPA has done amazing work so far, but big things are happening, and the best is yet to come.”

Though its creation was kept secret from the general public, the new logo was the winner of a contest of 88 designers who submitted 463 designs.


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The NDPA has been represented around the country at many events including – IPSSA National Conference, Lifesaver Pool Fence Vendor Conference, the International Boating and Water Safety Summit, the Association of Aquatic Professionals Conference, and the Dessert Pool and Spa Show. Many more to come for 2016! Send ideas for future NDPA travel ideas to admin@ndpa.org

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