The NDPA Board of Directors has established the following permanent committees to provide continual advancement of the NPDA’s goals and objectives. To join a committee, please contact the appropriate Committee Chairperson for more information.

Education Committee

Serves to identify and create appropriate drowning prevention messages to adults and children. It seeks to identify, review, accept and disseminate educational materials, new resources and tools. It also seeks to identify and fulfill gaps in appropriate available information.

Research and Data Committee

Serves to pose research questions that advance the understanding of drowning and the measures to prevent it. It also serves to identify data elements and monitoring systems needed by various constituents to track progress in reducing the drowning rate. It seeks to encourage the generation of standardized data at the local, state, national and international level; to develop and recommend a research agenda; and to determine what should be monitored to evaluate effectiveness of interventions.

Fund Development

Serves to research, identify and recommend possible funding sources; build strategic relationships with funders, partners and other persons interested in drowning prevention; and assist with other sources of revenue such as membership or merchandise sales.


Responsible for long-range planning for the annual drowning prevention symposium including site projections for three years, assisting in securing national sponsorship, assisting the Symposium Site Committee in securing national and international speakers, and ensuring the longevity and continued success of the event.

International Relations

This new committee of the NDPA seeks to identify and research drowning prevention issues, prevention strategies, resources, and other critical information from countries outside the United States in an effort to identify ways the NDPA can help with their efforts and how their innovative strategies can benefit the efforts of the NDPA.