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Bob Pratt

NDPA Board Member

Bob Pratt began his lifesaving career as a pool lifeguard and progressed to beach & surf lifeguard, paramedic and firefighter. He retired as fire marshal after 25 years with the East Lansing Fire Department. He has been a Lifeguard Instructor, Paramedic Instructor and served on the Health & Safety Committee for the Red Cross over 20 years. In 2007, Pratt founded the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project. He was the 2011 N.D.P.A. “Lifesaver of the Year”, was the 2012 recipient of the “Service to the Great Lakes” award by the Dairyland Surf Festival. He currently serve on the NDPA board of directors.

He has presented to a wide range of audiences on both a local, national and international level. Most recently at the 2012 NDPA National Symposium, and the 2012 International Rip Current Symposium. Pratt has a unique ability to entertain and educate his audience about a somber topic using a lively engaging style.

Bob lives in Michigan with his wife Cindy and their dog Buzzy.

Phone- (517) 643-2553
E-mail- bobpratt48@gmail.com