NDPA Board Member – and Pool Safety Mom – Mary Ann Downing put together a helpful list of water safety links and ideas for this spring.  

  1. Promote drowning prevention education and awareness in your own community, network or through your organization, by joining us and supporting the NDPA.
  2. Know that Drowning IS Preventable (and Predictable). Drowning is a leading cause of “Injury Death”. www.cdc.gov  Get the stats for your state and local community. Look at ages 1-4!
  3. Dare to ask “Do you know… All Water has RISK?  Where is YOUR RISK?”
  4. Use the Safer3 Message, the risk of drowning is in 3 main areas – Safer Water, Safer People, Safer Response www.safer3.org Distribute brochures, activity sheets, and water watcher tags.
  5. Promote Safer Water– learn more about “Layers of Protection http://ndpa.org/resources/safety-  tips/layers-of-protection/  Tip: Keep kids securely away from water if it’s not time to swim, use alarms, fencing, safety covers, maintain water clarity, check drain covers, prevent entrapment, etc.
  6. Promote Safer People with Safer3 Early Education  http://ndpa.org/resources/courses/safer3/,  http://ndpa.org/resources/safety-tips/water-smart-baby-lessons/ Actively supervise, (hands on toddlers, within arms reach of children, eyes on all) when near the water. Learn to swim, wear a life jacket, learn water safety rules, use the Water Watcher tag with an extra set of eyes on the water
  7. Promote Safer Response– learn basic water rescues, know CPR with Rescue Breathing, teach reach/throw.  http://www.redcross.org/prepare/disaster/water-safety
  8. I Remember those lost to drowning and water incidents.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xm3glUr9cNg
  9. Celebrate National Drowning Prevention and Water Safety Month– Proclamations for May http://www.nationalwatersafetymonth.org/
  10. Celebrate International Water Safety Day-May 15th   http://internationalwatersafetyday.org/
  11. Attend an event and promote The World’s Largest Swim Lesson– June 20th, 2014, http://www.wlsl.org/
  12. Promote the “Seal of Safer Pools” program. http://ndpa.org/ndpa-seal-of-safer-pool-practices/
  13. For home owners promote the Home Pool Essentials on line course developed jointly by the American Red Cross and National Swimming Pool Foundation. http://ndpa.org/resources/courses/hpec/
  14. Distribute the U.S. CPSC’s Pool Safely materials http://www.poolsafely.gov/industry-operators-  professionals/help-resources/tools/
  15. Connect on: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and AI Connect via the NDPA website and click on the icons.
  16. Add the NDPA Member logo to your business card, website or other materials that can bring notice to the cause of water safety and drowning prevention. Download the member logo from the Member Area on our website www.ndpa.org.
  17. Read, share, give away Water Safety Books for Children: Josh the Baby Otter, Stewie the Duck learns to swim, The Polar Bear who couldn’t wouldn’t swim, the Legend of the Safer3, Teach the Beach, etc. See the back.
  18. Join your local group: NDPA Chapters, SafeKids Coalitions, Drowning Prevention Task Force, Aquatic Councils, IPSSA chapters, APSP, and other water safety groups/organizations
  19. Add Links to more Water Safety Videos to your website, send via email and share!
      1. Simple Steps 

        1. Home Makover Safety
          Home Safety Makeover in a Day from Rady Children’s Hospital on Vimeo.
        2. IPSSA Videos http://www.waterwatcher.org/videos.html
  20. Learn about Safety Products at the Western Pool & Spa show! Alarms, Safety Covers, Gates, Latches, Fencing, Anti Entrapment Devices, Drain Covers, Lifejackets and more! Promote Water Safety, remember

Download Mary’s PDF with these and other links to important resources!





http://www.joshtheotter.org/             Contact Laura Thomas (laura@joshmemorial.org)  http://www.stewietheduck.com/home.cfm Contact Doreen  http://www.thezacfoundation.com/book.html Contact Danielle Hagan (danielle@nahigianstrategies.com)  http://www.teachthebeach.net/           Contact Don Walsh, Author

http://www.safer3.org Contact http://www.swimforlife.org/store/



Consider purchasing a bulk supply of water safety books for your customers or friends, or buy a few for your local preschool, daycare, elementary or swim school.  Read, share, start the lifesaving discussion…

Drowning IS Preventable!