Phoenix Review Summaries

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  • Autism topic and speaker were OUTSTANDING.
  • The New Attendee Intro for the NDPA conference wasn’t really for 1st time attendees. I would suggest some about a history of NDPA and Drowning Prevention, the current state of NDPA and Drowning Prevention, and where it is going.
  • All good speakers.
  • Connie Harvey’s grass roots Aquatics Centennial Initiative program was very interesting and an extremely important initiative to teach more people to swim.
  • This is the first year that I have attended an NDPA Conference and have so far been extremely impressed by everything. The people are so nice and helpful!! As a very young organization I am positive that joining with NDPA and Families United will help Casey’s Foundation be very successful and help us save lives!!
  • Really enjoying the conference and great opportunities for networking.
  • As a first time participant at this event I enjoyed learning about an aspect of drowning prevention that I hadn’t even thought about. Also learning more about the people and the organizations was incredibly inspiring.   I appreciate all involved.  It showed from the beginning that we are not outsiders bur a huge team with a united front.

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  • I’ve seen Dr. Justin Sempsrott several times and am blown away every time!
  • Families United should be in a breakout. This is the second year in a row in a general session.  We learned new stuff from some of the families but the rest was the same.
  • Both Keynotes did an excellent job.
  • This was an amazing day!!!! All presentations were eye opening. I would love to hear more from all of them in the future.
  • Solid program. Supportive environment, passionate people. Well done.
  • The first two keynotes were outstanding
  • Very good, now I would like to bring a better drowning awareness programs to my community

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  • I loved to hear what Tim is doing in Collier County, FL. We are starting something similar in Tampa, so that’s an excellent source for info sharing…
  • Liked the presentations!
  • To have handouts, especially when providing statistics
  • Every speaker I’ve heard and everyone I’ve met at this conference has been wonderful. All of us have the same mission!
  • All speakers dealt with the drowning subject with empathy, understanding and thought out plans for a solution. Well done

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  • More time with research panel needed
  • Tent cards and/or bio info in the conference app would be helpful in tracking and attributing panelist remarks.
  • For the 3rd year in a row I’ve heard discussion regarding lack of research and data surrounding drowning prevention. Continued discussion without movement towards actionable items is becoming noise.  As a national organization we need to move towards solutions.
  • I felt like the Arizona drowning prevention coalition was more of an information session rather than a panel. Perhaps a quicker overview of the organization with more audience participation is needed. But a great session overall!

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  • All 4 of the speakers for the Autism topics throughout the conference were so knowledgeable and were VERY intriguing speakers!!!
  • Loved the breakout sessions. Thanks guys for all of your hard work in providing us with such useful resources!
  • The 230 presentation lost valuable time with not having moderator there to start on time
  • Kubklick and Lees presentation was engaging and extremely insightful. It completely answers questions I had been mulling over about longitudinal studies ref. special needs kids swimming. I found their humility very touching. They are doing great work!! I loved Dave Benjamin’s session. Not being in the swim industry, I learned a lot. My mind was really opened to the misperceptions and stigma involved with drowning, etc. He had a very thought-provoking presentation. Greatly appreciated.
  • Hilary was amazing! Please consider her for a key note speaker next year!!

Did the conference fulfill your reason for attending?

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